De Meesterwerken van…Nicci French

Deze week wel een hele bijzondere Meesterwerken. Eentje waar ik best trots op ben: Nicci French!
Ze hebben uiteraard in het engels geantwoord, en ik kies er voor het ook in die taal te plaatsen. Omdat ik denk dat de antwoorden dan het meest tot hun recht komen.

– Book
Sean: Men Without Women by Ernest Hemingway. I love Hemingway’s early stories but I’m recommending this because of one story in particular: ‘The Killers’. It’s only about ten pages long, but in that short space Hemingway basically invented the modern thriller. And every word is perfect.

Nicci: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte – perhaps because I read it first as a teenager and the anger and passion in the voice of Jane was exhilarating then, and remains so now. Wildness and desire hidden un der the calm andf quiet surface. Wonderful.

– Music
Sean: Tristan und Isolde by Richard Wagner. Music to lose yourself in.

Nicci: Bach’s violin partitas. Music to find yourself in.

– Film
Sean: Rio Bravo (1959). I love Westerns and this is my favourite. Directed by Howard Hawks, starring John Wayne, it’s about friendship and community, with a couple of great gunfights included.

Nicci: the captivating and poignant Spanish film,  Spirit of the Beehive, directed by Victor Erice – in which the world (and the Spanish Civil War) ios seen through the eyes of a seven-year-old girl.

– Art
Sean: Giovanni Bellini’s Madonna in the church of San Zaccaria in Venice. A group of people, male and female, lost in their own thoughts, listening to music e can’t hear and the Madonna is clothed in the most beautiful blue of all time.

Nicci: Matisse’s ‘Dance’ – the big, bold and joyous painting; red bodies whirling on a green hill. What bliss.

Deel 7 van de Frieda Klein-serie: Zondagochtend breekt aan is nu verkrijgbaar in de winkel.

Volgende week de Meesterwerken van….Melissa Skaye.